High Quality Isolation Gown Manufacturer & Supplier

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Who we are

Ocean Whales is the Korea isolation gown company.  We manufacture isolation gown and surgical mask of PPE as we have exported our products to UK and US countries. Our Korea engineer tram of enthusiastic professionals with over 20 year’s experience in engineering, technology, and manufacturing in Korea & Vietnam. We provide the highest quality products with FDA, CE, ISO 13485, and SGS Test Report. Over the years the OEM and ODM business models have evolved. The solution focus on providing a service that meets the needs of each customer.

We provide the highest quality and apparel solutions that meet or exceed industry safety standards, including:

  • AAMI Level 1 isolation gowns
  • AAMI Level 2 isolation gowns
  • AAMI Level 3 surgical gowns
  • AAMI Level 4 surgical gowns

High Quality Isolation Gown Manufacturer & Supplier

Not only suppliers are going through a hard time procuring sufficient PPE, but isolation gown manufacturers also are running out of labor, materials or equipment essential to meet the requirements of the medical industry. What’s more? Several warehouses, manufacturers, and distribution centers need to alter operation timings to prevent the widespread of the pandemic within medical facilities.

For the above reasons, we as an isolation gown manufacturer have stepped up to become a helping hand a medical manufacturers during the crisis. Our gown fabrication experience makes us high suited to manufacture functional gown to meet the specific needs and regulatory guidelines of medical industry.

We have changed our manufacturing procedures to ensure the best processing time for every order we receive. We understand the requirement for a quick turnaround to assure healthcare workers have the gears they need every time. We are committed to a speedy turnaround for our disposable gown orders.


Leading Isolation Gown Manufacturer

Ocean Whales‘s isolation gown are specifically designed to help healthcare staff while protecting themselves and patients from the spread of Coronavirus. If these gowns are used in a consistent manner keeping in mind the medical industry regulations, isolation gowns in connection with masks, gloves, and other PPE can help doctors, nurses, and other paramedic observe safe practices in current challenging situations.

Ocean Whales is pleased to extend its assistance to the global medical industry workers in this unprecedented time of crisis. As a concerned isolation gown manufacturer, we are manufacturing industry-compliant and reliable isolation gowns to help frontline edical workers in Hong Kong and worldwide.

One Size Fits All: Each of Ocean Whales‘s gowns are prefect for every wearer; therefore, you don’t need to worry about fitting issues or shortage sizes.

Easy Access: As a quality Isolation gown supplier, we make sure that our isolation is easy to put on or take off. Comfortable wearing saves your crucial time during critical operations. Our gowns have a thumb for simplified and safer gown removal.



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